Chet Atkins and Red Foley

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Chet Atkins and Red Foley

Postby dgallent » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:19 pm

I once asked Chet about Red Foley, with whom Chet played for quite a while. As Chet would never say anything bad about anyone, he refused to knock Red, although it was known that Red had a very bad drinking problem and towards the end of his career frequently could not make it to the stage. Nonetheless, Chet just said he would always be grateful to Red for allowing to play three or four instrumentals in their show. It gave him the confidence that he could be a solo act.

Chet and Red wrote a big hit for Red called "Midnight". According the Hank Williams driver, this was the last song Hank sang from the back seat before passing away.
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