Perry Como Album Chet Produced

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Perry Como Album Chet Produced

Postby baggetta » Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:56 am

Hi, All. Just picked up the "new" Perry Como release produced by Chet Atkins. Actually a collection of unreleased songs recently discovered in the vaults. Nice music from the music man himself, Perry Como. This won't be appreciated by some of the younger crowd who are only fascinated by aberrations like Miley Cyrus, but this was really what the term music was coined for.
I don't have any sound evidence, but it sure sounds like Chet playing on guitar on many of the tracks. The music is nice and the history, but the booklet along with the cd is also a nice insight to the workings of how recordings were corporately decided in those days and also offers hope that maybe someday someone will discover more of Chet's works hidden away.
The album is available from Real Gone Music
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