I tried to get this guy to come play w/ Joscho

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I tried to get this guy to come play w/ Joscho

Postby Pickin Palmer » Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:53 pm

I was all over this European style accordion (buttons, not keys) player, Julien Labro, when I went up to Nighttown in Cleveland several years ago when Frank Vignola was featured with the Hot Club of Detroit. I knew that it would probably be Joscho Stephan's last visit to the States (he hates the travel, CD sales restrictions - and, our food.) Soooo, after hearing Julien with Frank - head to head battin' licks back and forth - I tried desperately to get Julien to lower his "asking price" (to zero) so that Doc could afford him - but, he just didn't see the advantage to himself. Rightly so - probably. I've blown stupid money over the years putting talent together I know would COOK - but, this was over the top even for this old sicko. ---- I did, however, introduce them over the net... And, they both told me how much they appreciated it. (I would still LOVE to hear Julien and Joscho play each other in a blender. (lol)

This is going to have to hold me in the meantime: Frank, Vinney and Julien at the Fur Peace Ranch... Damn...I missed another one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEfrH9bHJuU

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