update on The Paul Yandell Book Project

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Re: update on The Paul Yandell Book Project

Postby keener » Thu Aug 15, 2013 4:18 pm


I published my book about my late wife as an ebook with Amazon, then a couple if months later went with CreateSpace for a paperback version, then went with BookBaby for worldwide distribution in various ebook formats (including on iTunes). Total outlay was about $300.

Promoting the book is what's hard. There are about 400,000 new books published every year, and getting noticed in that pile takes effort (more than I'm willing to give).

Good luck my friend. Very worthwhile effort.
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Re: update on The Paul Yandell Book Project

Postby Norm » Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:28 am

Thanks, Bruce....

You pretty much described the "problem". All that new material being published every week is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind that is a hundred guys like me knocking on doors every day hoping that the publishers will gamble on our effort...and it is a gamble for them. It's a business and they like to get some money back for their investment.

It does tend to suck at your energy...kinda like salmon swimming upstream...

I copied your comment into a text form in case I need to go your route.
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That should do it.
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