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Loren & Mark

Postby Tom Workman » Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:54 pm

Hi, all...
I had a great "guitar experience" yesterday and thought some of you might appreciate hearing about it. Myself, a friend of mine, my two main guitar-playing buddies and their wives attended a Loren Barrigar-Mark Mazengarb concert yesterday afternoon in Kingwood, West Virginia at the Preston Community Arts Center. It's a really small venue and I was wondering how in the world they got booked there and as it turns out, one of the staff is friends with Loren and they agreed to stop there on their way back from CAAS. Loren told me they had been up jamming until 2:00 A.M. and left Nashville at 4:30 A.M. in order to get there on time. (made me tired just hearing about it.) Anyway, what a show they put on! I was amazed at the energy they had left. For those of you who haven't seen them perform, by all means, go if you get the opportunity. Absolutely phenominal!
Anyway, I was discussing their song "Juice" with Loren before the show and was asking about a particular part in it and he said he would be glad to go over it with me after the show and that he did. He came down to our table in front of the stage, bringing his Maton guitar with him. He had someone hand me another guitar from the stage, we went over the part in question and then proceded to play the entire song "Juice". Then we picked parts of a few more tunes during which time he handed me the Maton to try out. I think he enjoyed himself as much as I did and never in my wildest dreams did I think this scenerio would play out. As I was walking back to the car to leave I kept thinking "Did this really happen?!" It all seemed so surreal. He told me I need to come to CAAS and to contact him if he could be of help with anything else. This also served as lesson in humility... two super-talented and classy guys indeed. Thanks, Tom W.
Tom Workman
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Re: Loren & Mark

Postby George Mayle » Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:02 pm

I have to second Tom's assessment of Loren and Mark's concert. Leaving Nashville at 4:30 AM and arriving in northern West Virginia at 2:30 PM, putting on a great 2 hour concert...whew!! I think they played just about every request we could throw at them. After the concert, I said to Loren, "You guys MUST be tired". His reply was, "We're going on pure adrenaline now". True professionals!
George Mayle
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