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Stan Nowlin

Postby Bob key » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:45 am

Well I see Stan Nowlin has some new utube postings, Stan to me is one of the best guitar players of the day,no he wont try to dazzle you with a million notes or try play at mock speeds to try and impress,but im sure he could,but what he plays is with feeling wether fast or slow tunes,Stan has 3or4 tunes he does from his wonderful cd back home hymms.he's also posted an instructional series that if you listen closely youll find his series is right on.+If you really wont to be a good guitar player theres no short cuts,well yeah you can learn some of your favorite players tunes but like Stan says if you want to play like a pro you need to where you are on the neck.

Thanks Bob
Bob key
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