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Postby Mike Nye » Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:42 am

Between the early hours of Tuesday May 26th, and Thursday May 28th my shop in Cathedral City, CA was burglarized where five (5) guitars undergoing repairs/restoration were stolen along with their hardware and cases.

None of these instruments are in playable condition, as three of the five had their finishes completely removed, ready for re-finishing. All of the instrument cases were wrapped in stretch-wrap film for protection.

It’s very likely when these instruments are discovered to be unplayable restorations in progress, they’ll probably be immediately abandoned, disposed of, or attempts to either sell or pawn them, their parts and/or empty cases for quick cash may result.

Below is a detailed description of each instrument:

1. One (1) 1959 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitar in Gibson hardshell case. (Unfinished, with maple top and mahogany sides, back and neck (minus fingerboard). Hardware and electronics located in case storage compartment.)

2. One (1) 1967 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman (single mute/double cutaway) guitar in cardboard case. (Unfinished, walnut stained, maple body (no ’F’ holes) with neck detached from the body, minus fingerboard. There is no hardware or electronics with this instrument.)

3. One (1) 1960 Guild Archtop Single Cutaway Electric Guitar (similar to Gibson ES-175) in Guild hardshell case. (Unfinished maple plywood top and sides, (body & neck bindings removed minus black headstock faceplate with Guild brand name) with mahogany neck. There is no hardware or electronics with this instrument.)

4. One (1) Guild Six String Flat-top Acoustic Guitar (Burgundy) in Guild hardshell case. (This is a complete instrument with gold Grover Rotomatic tuning keys, needing fretwork.)

5. One (1) Ibanez Six String Solid-body Electric Guitar (Sunburst) in hardshell case. (This is a complete instrument, needing fretwork.)

I would greatly appreciate if anyone in So. Calif. / Arizona should come across any of these instruments, their parts, and/or empty cases as described that you immediately contact:

Cathedral City Police Dept.
Attn:Officer Alberto Ochoa
Case Report# 1305C-7089
(760) 770-0300

Many thanks,
Mike Nye
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