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Doyle Dykes Seminar/Concert

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:30 am
by Billy Anderson
I don't know if this is the appropriate spot to mention this, but last night, I had the opportunity to attend a Doyle Dykes combo Taylor guitar seminar/concert at Little Rock Jams/Frets in LR, AR. All I can say is Doyle is a fantastic player and puts on a super show. He took questions from the audience and I asked what brand of thumbpick he used. He asked who posed the question and when I raised my hand, he just took his pick off and threw it to me (it was a Fred Kelly Speed Pick). He mentioned Chet several times and played in his style on several songs. He was so gracious and did not leave until the last attendee had an autograph and pictures. His daughter performed two songs and was just as nice as Doyle (the "mandolin didn't fall too far from the guitar"). If you are anywhere near one of his concert locations, I would highly recommend you "Get thee to a ticket seller" and get ready for the time of your life, musically speaking. By the way, I noticed that the Doyle Dykes Signature guitar he used had the Gretsch thumbnail fretboard markers so I guess that and his Chet playing and stories qualify this posting on the CB. KOPAP. Billy

Re: Doyle Dykes Seminar/Concert

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:57 am
by Richard Hudson
Doyle is a very close personal friend and IMO is one of the very best fingerstyle players alive but still so very humble about it. He does things on guitar that no one else does. His tone and technique is unmistakable, so full of clarity and fullness. His chord selection is always just perfect and so many times very hard to figure out exactly what he is doing to make that particular sound. In regard to the thumbnail markers on the DDSM, he said that when he took his signature guitar to Chet to show him, that Chet looked it over very carefully and began to place his thumb on the thumbnail markers. Doyle told Chet that he didn't do that to imitate him, but to honor him. Chet nodded his head in approval without saying a word. I have seen and heard Doyle play many times over the years and he always mentions Chet and the tremendous influence he has had on his guitar playing. He also mentions Merle Travis quite frequently, along with Jerry Reed and Steve Wariner. Duane Eddy and Doyle have become very close in recent years. It was Doyle who got Duane to come to the CAAS in 1999 to pay tribute to Chet, which was an extreme honor for Duane and Doyle both. Chet was without a doubt Duane's biggest guitar hero also.

Admittedly my opinions of Doyle are biased, but I know he is sincere about his comittment and his loyalty to the one who showed us all how and that there is always something more out there. Only six strings on a couple of feet or more, but the possibilities are endless. We won't ever see another Chet Atkins, but I thank God for people like Doyle that can show us all that there is always something to reach for, and that there is great joy in stretching out.

To borrow a little Chetism, that's my opinion and it ought to be yours.

God bless the memories we all have of Chet Atkins.


Re: Doyle Dykes Seminar/Concert

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:31 pm
by Billy Anderson
Richard, thanks for the added insight. By the way, I think you are one of the best also and I am in awe (read envious) of your abilities and equipment. Somehow, I grew long in desire but fell quite short in ability to keep up with you and the others on this Board. KOPAP. Billy