1,000 New Year's Resolutions

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1,000 New Year's Resolutions

Postby Randy Finney » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:18 am

Well, if you can't quite decide what your New Year's Resolutions are going to be this year, I have about 1,000 suggestions for you.

ReadMyLicks.com - The Chet Atkins Pedagogy Project has evolved a little since launching the idea eight weeks ago. As I have said before, this is not the type of project one completes and then launches - it is more so one that is conceived and allowed to evolve publicly.

The site is organized as follows:

Decade Pages
There is a Main Menu consisting of each of Chet's six decades of recording activity. Clicking one of these menus will take you to a Decade Page which will contain an overview of the decade and drop down links to pages for individual years.

Year Pages
Clicking on individual year links will take you to a page concerning that year. So far, each of these Year Pages contains a list of songs Chet recorded during that year.

Song Pages
If the song title is an active link, then an individual Song Page has been created for that song. This page will contain an pedagogically focused article about Chet's recording of this tune.

So far, I have created about 1,000 Song Pages. Of course, I have not written 1,000 articles yet but, each of these pages does contain some basic information about the song. Some of this basic information will be incorrect and incomplete. This is a result of either the information still being in a default state, me just not having entered information yet, or me just having it wrong.

What is important is this...

Each of these 1,000 Song Pages are now available for you to comment on. Please do not wait for the Song Article to be published before making a comment. It will take a number of years for even a reasonable number of articles to be published.

Your comments can be absolutely anything concerning the song, especially comments about your experience learning the song, as the website is really meant to catalog pedagogical data.

One thing, the first time you comment, I have to approve you as a commenter. Once I have approved you, you do not have wait for approval for your future comments. This is just to prevent spammers from posting, not an attempt to sensor genuine comments - negative or otherwise.


P.S. A very special Thank You to Chuck and Jean-Luc. Chuck has sent me info on Chet's gear (which I have yet to enter), and Jean-Luc has sent me information on Chet's 45 Issues and has made some great comments on the site.
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