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67' Gretsch back 1.JPG
I would like to sell my 1967 Gretsch Country Gentleman. I got it used in early 1969 just before I went into the Army. It was 18 months old and someone helped me to figure out that it was made in Nov.’67

Since then I’ve had the tuning keys replaced and the T.V. Jones pickups installed, as well as having it refretted 4 years ago.

I also bought a new $200 Gretsch hard shell case 2 years ago that will come with it.

I have no expectations of getting back what I put into it but I’m asking $1,500.

If anyone is interested and going to CAAS next week, I’ll have it with me.
67' Gretsch front 2.JPG
67' Gretsch front 1.JPG
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