Chet's newest youngest fan

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Chet's newest youngest fan

Postby rgervais » Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:39 pm

My 18 month old grandson has been up visiting for the last week and last night he had a cold and earache and just wouldn't stop crying and go to bed. So my daughter asked me to maybe play a little guitar for him (over the week he has wandered into my room and gently plucked or strummed the strings on my guitars). I go into his room and start playing "Baby's Coming Home". He calmed down right away and I just kept on playing it for about 10 minutes until he fell asleep...and stayed asleep! The next morning he was whining and miserable again and wouldn't settle down. So I said, "why not try some Chet Atkins?", and my other daughter groaned. But I put on the "Classics" CD and "Galloping on the Guitar" started up. Well my grandson just started smiling and pretty soon he was as happy as could be. He listened to most of the CD. Well, we loaded that CD onto his dad's computer for the flight home, and guess what they have been listening to since they got home... I am not sure what the magic ingredient is, but I am sure it has something to do with Chet's infectious thumbpick rhythm and the fact you can always hear a clear melody that makes you feel happy just hearing it.

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