Windy and Warm - Definitive Version?

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Re: Windy and Warm - Definitive Version?

Postby jularbo » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:02 am

Hi all,

Like Bill Park I used that old LP to learn Chet picking in the early '60s. And boy, that was a struggle.
But the interesting thing is what you learn at young age you tend to know all your life. At least that's my opinion.
For some 35 years I didn't own a guitar (family, kids, carreer etc.) but a few years ago I bought me one and took up playing again. Chet style of course.
And with all the electronic equipments nowadays I copied the backtrack from my old LP and recorded this version. On the backtrack you can hear Chet himself play rhythm guitar, while I do the solo. So at last I can say: I play guitar with Chet Atkins!
You are all welcome to listen if you want:

Thomas Österholm, Sweden
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