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Re: Hey Bob Thompson!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:27 pm
by keener
Cool, Bob! Here she is:

All my best, and many thanks!


Re: Hey Bob Thompson!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:21 pm
by Bob Thompson
Pdfs now sent to those who emailed me...let me know if they came thru ok...lots of data there! HA!!!!

Re: Hey Bob Thompson!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:46 pm
by keener
Bob, I hope you don't mind me reprinting my email response to you, since it sums up how neat I think your "preview" material is:


I have given these a quick look and am just blown away by the level of detail and quality. I know so very little about the theory of music, but I believe your detail and quality of discussion can educate even me. Lenny was such a genius, and you certainly have a genius for making his theories (and application) accessible.

I look forward to you book and videos ... I will most certainly be purchasing them.

All my best wishes, Bob.

Again, I am just amazed!"

Great work, Bob. Thanks again.

Re: Hey Bob Thompson!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:41 pm
by Bob Thompson
Hey Bruce and guys are way too kind! This is what makes the Chet Board so special. Good guys always trying to expand their joy of playing, brought together by the memory of Chet, Lenny et. al. Totally cool.

A quick story... back in 2002, I had the distinct honor to work for the Fender Musical Instrument Corp as their New England District Regional Sales Manager. It was a dream come true for me on several levels. Not only was I working with some absolutely incredible people within the corporation and at the music stores I serviced, but I also got to have some monstrously nice guitars to use as rep samples and hang with world class players all the time. And I got to do the NAMM shows (even playing a mini-concert at Fender with Johnny Hiland one year ...uhhhhh... well, it was a little bit lopsided in his favor (ahem! HA!) as I don't burn in that "Hellacaster's" technique very well, but I had a blast nonetheless, and I think the audience and he did too..he's a friend from Maine, BTW). Well, to cut to the chase, I had to give up teaching to do this Fender gig. Not being able to teach really began to eat away at me every day. Ultimately, I realized that teaching guitar was my first true calling. And so, after a little over a year, I reluctantly (VERY reluctantly) left this dream job of a lifetime and the great folks who worked there, (and a fairly sizable wage) to go back to teaching. I missed interacting with my students so much it was absolutely unbearable. And I wasn't hanging at the University of Maine with my guitar guys every semester, watching them get excited about their first jazz tunes or some cool chord changes, etc. --- or doing the Summer Guitar Sessions at Berklee, which just killed me... those students who come from all over the world to hang at Berklee and get some guitar knowledge from a group of mondo great players on the faculty there... its such a blast to influence dedicated students from Japan, South America, Europe, etc... some of them are still students of mine over the web after 8 years! Anyhoo... to get to the point ---- when I get a comment like that from Bruce, validates my decision to leave Fender and go back to teaching, which was about the toughest thing I every had to do in my business life. On a more profound note, it validates the very decision to dedicate myself to teaching guitar as a life journey. I'm no virtuoso by any stretch (Ill leave that to John Knowles!! Oh yeah!!! Amazing... ), but boy do I love to play (like all of you), and sharing whatever knowledge I have to help those who want to improve... yeah... thats just about a perfect scenario... making a living with a guitar, and loving it. How wonderful ... I am indeed a lucky guy! And its great to be able to express that in a public forum of like-minded, crazy-dedicated guitarists. Cheers all.

Re: Hey Bob Thompson!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:49 pm
by RandeDager
Bob, that was a pretty impressive description of "who you are". Regarding teaching, I feel the same way about mathematics. However, my "true internal love" is music (especially harmony) and since I don't have a way of communicating to others what I do, I can only continue to work on adding more of what I hear to my repertoire.
But I can sure relate to your love of passing down what you know to students.

I also really appreciate the enthusiasm that comes through in your printed thoughts!


Re: Hey Bob Thompson!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:20 pm
by Dave
Got your stuff Bob, thanks again! I second that your enthusiasm is apprreciated, and catchy too. Hehe