Chet on Johnny Cash Show

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Chet on Johnny Cash Show

Postby Doug Working » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:10 pm

GET TV just started airing episodes of the Johnny Cash show last night. I knew it was coming because they had been advertising it.

I was aware that Chet had made one or more guest appearances on the show, so was determined to watch it to be able to catch him. Well, it came earlier than I had anticipated as he made an appearance last night. Boy, that was fast!

The show originally aired in 1970. I was only 15. Had just barely started playing guitar. I recall, because it was either '68 or '69 when I got my first guitar.

Anyway, Chet was great, as always. He played a medley starting with "Country Gentleman," then I believe he segued into "Mr Sandman," and "Wildwood Flower', and "Freight Train," replete with his "train whistle."

I don't recall any other tunes in the medley, but my old memory may be faulty.

Anyway, it was an awesome trip down good ol' memory lane, and I plan to keep watching as I'm sure he made multiple appearances on the show.
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