Listening to Bill Patrick

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Listening to Bill Patrick

Postby lakepikr » Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:00 pm

Hello all.

This morning I was messing with some old ear buds I've had in a junk drawer for years, and plugged them in to my computer, just to see if they still worked.

So, I opened up my stash of You tube videos, and clicked on one of my very favorites ..... Bill Patrick playing "I'll see You in my dreams".
The sound of him playing, (through the ear buds), was unbelievable.
The speakers in the ear buds, bring out the true sounds of that Gretsch and Godin, he plays without my "el-cheapo" computer speakers ruining the sound quality.

It sounded so good, I actually sat there for 90 minutes, listening to that man play with "note perfection".
As usual, at the end of each song, each video cycled to the next one, and with that, I could enjoy that beautiful bass, and Bill's arrangements of several songs, without interuption.

Ok .... just let me go on about Bill just a bit longer ..... his rythum on the bass strings makes me know "even more than I already did" ...... I'll "never" be even "half" that good.

It's the stuff that will either keep a guy trying, ..... or make him lose hope of ever being "near" that skill level, give up, and sell his guitar.

Oh well, ....

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Re: Listening to Bill Patrick

Postby Doug Working » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:37 pm

Doug Working
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