jerry reed on glen campbell show

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jerry reed on glen campbell show

Postby rhirvine » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:54 pm

I'm watching the glen campbell good time hour with Jerry Reed on "Gettv" and can't believe how talented those two were together. I love it! they were contempories within 1 year of each other. What a duo! What talent with each of them. so sorry they are gone!
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Re: jerry reed on glen campbell show

Postby Pickin Palmer » Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:20 am

10-04, good buddy. East bound and down...
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Re: jerry reed on glen campbell show

Postby Doug Working » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:01 pm

Jerry was totally UNIQUE. God broke the mold.

The Alabama Wildman was a huge ball of talent! But he worked hard at it. His video of him on Y'tube pickin' "Lightnin' Rod" BLOWS ME AWAY! I have the written transcription, but I can only stare at it and think "No way! I will NEVER be able to play this!" Shredders, eat your heart out!!

I remember Jerry saying how when he was pretty young as far as guitar goes, he would stay up late, burning the midnight oil, downing gallons of coffee while listening to "Trambone", trying to figure out "Now how in the H____did he do that???"

His talent was so UNIQUE!! He had a WAY of figuring out the most AMAZIING licks, that obviously impressed Chet, since he cut an album of them! Plus his duet albums with Jerry. But in guitar, there is NOTHING LIKE A JERRY REED TUNE! Most of them have Jerry's "stamp" on them. Did you ever notice? Think of Struttin', and Mr Lucky, and all his great tunes. They sound "like Jerry plays." Hard to explain

Then he could turn around and write great blues. Blue Finger, Little Bit Of Blues. What a genious!

Add on top of that his acting ability, his singing....Jerry was a MONSTER of a talent.

I wish I stil had his vinyl albums. I loved them. Most of them got lost in moving. I had a few favorites. Remember "Crude Oil Blues?" "(Chet said) "Son if we can't make our records then we don't need you! (jerry): I I said well what am I gonna do if I can't sing and pick? He said just keep yourself warm playing on them hot licks! We got the crude oil blues!!"

I remember a BUNCH of Jerry's old great songs! Gotta laugh at "The Bird", and "She got the goldmine, I got the shaft!"

Jerry's sense of humor and way of looking at the world was totally unique!

Well, son!!!


Yeah. I sure miss him. The world is a way less fun place since Jerry left.
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