Premier Guitar magazine Chet article lesson

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Premier Guitar magazine Chet article lesson

Postby Jim Jarrell » Thu May 04, 2017 3:31 pm

While Premier Guitar magazine is primarily oriented towards "headbanging heavy metal and rock" players, they
occasionally include great fingerstyle lessons at their online website. The following lesson just posted, "One Note at a Time: A Chet Atkins Primer," is pretty darn good!

Done by Sean Weaver, to say it goes from the basics to advanced is an understatement (and based on my last post about Sean one might think I'm his Manager! fact, have seen him play at CAAS but we've never met. But kudos
to Sean for helping to keep Chet's music alive).

Available online here: ... ins-primer

Click on links to "exercises" provide a very user friendly sound file/tab presentation (note the nifty slow down feature
on the sound files). And the 10 exericses go from the extreme basics to some pretty sophisticated Chet picking. An
awful lot of territory for the raw beginning thumbpicker to get through!

Jim Jarrell
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Jim Jarrell
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