Chet Atkins: The Greatest Songs of Mister Guitar

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Chet Atkins: The Greatest Songs of Mister Guitar

Postby Ray Bohlken » Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:46 am

I just finished reading the nook book "Chet Atkins: The Greatest Songs of Mister Guitar" by Mark Reinhart. I really enjoyed seeing all of the info about some of Chet's great recordings. It also prodded me to check out my LPs and 45s and give a listen to some of the songs as they were discussed. I hadn't heard many of them in quite awhile and it was just great to hear them again. It was just an excellent way to spend a few weeks. The book had a lot of great info in it and I think I learned what keys Chet actually played some of the songs in, since he often tuned to a different tuning. There were actually a few of songs I didn't have on LP so I'll have to check out my Bear Family CD set and other collections to see if I can find them there...some of the older ones are there, I'm sure. Anyway I had fun hearing Chet's music again and I really enjoyed listening to vinyl recordings again...that was a gift. Back to the stash for the CDs now, so I can continue.
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Re: Chet Atkins: The Greatest Songs of Mister Guitar

Postby mark reinhart » Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:42 pm

Ray, thanks so much for your kind words regarding my book. It was so much fun to follow Chet all the way through his incredible career while I was writing it. I have been in awe of his talent ever since I was a young boy, and that awe became even greater during the process of putting the book together. I've always hoped that the book might lead some folks to take a tour through the history of Chet's recorded work just like I did -- and it sounds like that is just what the book led you to do!
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