an apology...

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an apology...

Postby Norm » Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:54 pm

I saw this on Facebook today on the CAAS page

David Wolfram‎
Chet Atkins Appreciation Society
September 2 at 5:27pm ·

Chet and Paul performing at Mountain Hill Schoolhouse in Harris County, Ga. 1994. The concert was to raise money to restore the school Chet attended until he dropped out to get into "show business". Photo was used on the cover of "Paul Yandell Second to the Best". An excellent read

Someone asked if he had made the photo and he said he had.

So I posted this:

Well, I feel terrible because looking into my notes and things I see he was not properly credited for the shot.
I even found a messaging exchange where I had asked him for permission to use the shot and he acquiesced and only asked for credit for use.
Truly, humbly sorry, David

Oversights happen but I truly am sorry I neglected to give him his credit due.
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That should do it.
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Re: an apology...

Postby DWolfram » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:44 pm

Well shucks Norm. I just saw this today. Just to let everyone know I sincerely excepted Norm's apology on Facebook. And because of all this banter just as many people know now it was my photo if they had seen the credit in the book. No need to fret over this any further. Pun intended:)

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