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Thomas Leddy on Youtube

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:35 pm
by Tompicks
It was this month in 2002 that I had the opportunity to co-produce with Buster B. Jones the CD "Just Us". I did it after forming a small music publishing company, Pazgunyak music (BMI 418278641) It was an adventurous and musically fulfilling 4 days. I flew Buster in from Oregon for some local guitar workshops, then we drove to Philly to record the CD. My close friend Tom Emmi of Ace Entertainment also joined us and brought in video cameras to shoot the session and Buster's personal friends Frank Walden and Ron Wise also traveled east to join us. The engineer was Scott Waz. Thank you to whoever is posting the songs on Youtube under the moniker "Thomas Leddy". I think it is great for those songs to get out to the public. The experience is one I will always remember, he was such a talented picker.