Chet in Stereo vs Chet in Mono vs CD re-releases

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Chet in Stereo vs Chet in Mono vs CD re-releases

Postby albdamned » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:50 am

I have limited experience listening to mono versions of Chet's LPs (most of my collection is stereo). Has anyone observed any substantial differences between the stereo mixes and the mono mixes?

If this topic is a bit too obscure, what about differences between the CD re-releases and the LP versions?

One instance that comes to mind is the difference between the versions of various tunes on the Mr. Guitar Bear family box set and the LPs. For example, "Summer Place" on the Bear family box set is a rough studio take with no echo while the LP has the final take that Chet recorded at home.
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Re: Chet in Stereo vs Chet in Mono vs CD re-releases

Postby John C. » Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:30 pm

The difference isn't really between stereo vs. mono releases. There were quite a few times when Chet re-recorded a track or several tracks for the re-release of an album, both stereo & mono copies.

Off the top of my head, I can think of alternate versions of different songs on "The Other Chet Atkins," "Christmas With..." and "In Hollywood."

About 5 or 6 years ago, Pat Kirtley wrote a great article for "Mister Guitar" debunking the myth that the 2nd pressing (girl on front cover) of "In Hollywood" was the re-recorded version. It turns out it was actually Chet recording "live" in the studio with the full orchestra. He then took that tape back to his home studio & re-cut his parts. So the first version of that album (the guitar/Hollywood at night cover) is really the re-recorded one.

I also remember the versions of "Malaguena" on "The Best of Chet" & "Que Sera Sera" on "Best of Vol. 2" being different than the earlier released versions. And there's a version of "Mister Sandman" on the mail-order "Golden Guitar of Chet Atkins" set that has a "different" mid section.

Pretty sure the alternate "Workshop" tracks first appeared on the Bear Family box; I'm not aware of any vinyl copy having those alternate takes. Seems like those alternates are the "go to" source now since the version of "Hot Mocking Bird" on the 2-CD set "The Essential Chet Atkins" is the alternate take.

Great topic; thanks,

John C.
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