Chet' hardest tune to learn?

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Re: Chet' hardest tune to learn?

Postby Wes Southerland » Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:02 pm

They are all hard to learn for most people, i think. At least they are for me. I spent years trying to learn everything I could Chet Atkins Style, bought every piece of Chet Atkins equipment I could find. Guitars, Amps, Effects, Tab books, CDs, Tapes, Records since for a while I thought that was the problem. Not even close. Chet was Chet because of the feel and touch he had both inside and out. You can duplicate some of it but not most of it. The man was a one of a kind, An American Original, that is what made him Great. But it is fun to try none the less and sometimes we sound pretty close.
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