T. E. in Ponte Vedra

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T. E. in Ponte Vedra

Postby DWolfram » Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:59 pm

I saw Tommy Emmanuel last night at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall near Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It was a packed venue of very enthusiastic fans. Tommy was playing on brand new Matons and he sounded great. I wondered,though, if the new guitars knew what they were in for.

I heard some new tunes including The Trails, an Initiation-like tune inspired by native America Indians. Of course he blazed through Guitar Boogie, changing it up yet again. Tommy did two sets and more songs than I can remember. He gave an impromptu tutorial on his technique of percussion on the guitar(how to beat a guitar to death and make it sound good) and the story behind the composition of Ruby.

Chet and CAAS were mentioned many times and his encore had a medley of Chet tunes.
Wish you all had been there.

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Re: T. E. in Ponte Vedra

Postby srgntschultz » Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:00 pm

He is by far the BEST guitar player on the planet,i have seen him many times and his show is the best. His tone from the MATON guitars and AER amps cant be beat. Like Chet said if you go see and hear tommy play live and dont come out smileing and feeling happy you werent paying attention! Looking forward to seeing and hearing Tommy playing live again!
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