Amp Clipping

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Amp Clipping

Postby Tom Workman » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:01 am

Hi, all... Here is a question for you electronics-knowledgeable people. This past weekend I was performing on stage with some other musicians, playing my acoustic-electric guitar through my solid state acoustic amp and I had to drive it pretty hard to keep up with all the volume around me. (there was no XLR-out or mic available for me in order to run through the house system.) Anyway, toward the end of the set the amp conked out on me. Later that day, I hooked it up at home and it worked fine, sounded fine. This same scenario played out once before a few years ago. As I understand it, clipping can damage your speaker but, it seems to be fine. I've said all this to ask you this: Is there generally some kind of over-driving protection built into the circuitry of solid state amps designed to shut them down and prevent speaker damage? I couldn't find any info relating to this in my amp's user's manual. Just wondering. Thanks, Tom W.
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